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Wednesday, September 10 2014

First Firefox OS App days in Lyon

The idea behind this event was to gather developers from Lyon and around to develop apps to be submitted to the marketplace. I rented a meeting room for the week-end, with the help of Framasoft and we started advertising the event to different groups and social networks. We had 22 people registered on eventbrite. But only 7 really showed up. Perhaps because of the weather or music festival during the same week-end. At first we were disappointed. But the people that came were highly motivated and 2 applications were submitted to the marketplace by the end of the week-end. At the end of the week-end, we discussed the issues and what we should do to improve our process and make our next events a success. First thing we should hold these app days regularly but only on one day (saturday). Food should be simple and ordered the same day, so we are sure how many people will actually eat. We should not expect people to finish one application every event. They will rather be working on their app, every appdays and submit it when ready. Lyon provides a lot of open data that could be used in apps.

Monday, June 9 2014

Tails HackFest, July 5-6, 2014 -- Paris, France

Join us at the Tails HackFest, 2014! July 5-6, 2014 -- Paris, France

Description and goals

Join us to make online anonymity and digital privacy usable by the masses! Whether you're a writer, a software developer, a designer, a system administrator or just plain interested, come learn about the challenges faced by Tails, and how you can be part of the solution.

The Tails HackFest will bring together anyone interested in making Tails more usable and more secure. This open event will be an intense mix of teaching, drawing, coding, sharing, learning and celebrating.


  • Dates: Saturday, July 5, 2014 - Sunday, July 6, 2014
  • Time: 10 AM - 10 PM
  • Registration: if you want to attend, please consider dropping us a note about it. This is optional, but would help organizing this event.

What is Tails?

Tails is a live operating system that can be started on almost any computer from a DVD, USB stick, or SD card. It is Free Software, and based on Debian GNU/Linux.

Tails provides a platform to solve many surveillance problems by doing the right thing out of the box by default, protecting even less tech-savvy users from the most likely and highest impact risks.

It aims at preserving privacy and anonymity, and helps to:

  • use the Internet anonymously and circumvent censorship; all connections to the Internet are forced to go through the Tor network;
  • leave no trace on the computer being used unless the user asks it explicitly;
  • use state-of-the-art cryptographic tools to encrypt files, emails and instant messaging.

Tails is about usability: every feature and software is ready-to-use, thoroughly documented, and translated into many languages.

Tails is about cooperation: all products are released as Free and Open Source Software, and shared with other projects whenever possible.

People use Tails to write books and create movies. People use Tails to chat off-the-record, browse the web anonymously and share sensitive documents. Many people depend on Tails to do their daily work, if not simply to stay alive.

Looking forward to meet you on July 5-6! No doubt you'll find a great way to contribute to Tails, regardless of what your field of expertise is!

Host and sponsors

Many thanks to Debian, IRILL, Mozilla and the Tor project for supporting this event!

Thursday, April 17 2014

JDLL 2014

JDLL (Journées du logiciel libre = Free software days), it really means something to the french mozillian community. An old event (there has been talks about mozilla since 2003 and mozilla presence and booth since 2005). Of course, there are traditions, some old, some new... During the day, we man the booth, animate, talk with the visitors, other booths, organizers... It's a great occasion of creating bonds with other local communities. And in the evenings, we create bonds within the community! By eating together (pizza is the tradition), drinking beers (and a lot of other things) and talking (and laughing a lot)... At some time during the evening, I end up telling old stories of the previous years. I feel like the memory of the community, the bard telling old legends Oyez braves mozilliens, laissez-vous bercer par les légendes du passé !.

At the booth we had several firefoxOS phones (Keon, Peak, ZTE Open and Alcatel Onetouch) that the visitors could try and use (great success), we answered questions, explained the philosophy behind. Explained the people that we did not know when it will be available in France by a mobile operator, but that it worked nonetheless on any mobile network. We also helped people having issues with their Firefox browser. And of course we gave swag to the visitors. I was asked where to find the poster Don't hurt the web but it's a collector, now!

Like every year, I was busy and would not go to any talk or workshop other than mine. The rest of the time, I was at the booth or discussing with people at the other booths for a next event.

There were talks:

  • Webmaker by me
  • FirefoxOS by Kaze
  • Online privacy by Antoine Duparay (Flaburgan)
  • Electronic signature of emails by Ludovic Hirlimann
  • Cloud computing: why is it a problem?
  • How to teach the we to kids and grownups by Adrian Gaudebert

There were workshops:

  • Webmaker : thimble and X-ray goggles by me (helped by Benoît, Monique)
  • Webmaker: popcorn by me (helped by Benoît, Darnuria)
  • Key signing party by Ludovic Hirlimann

There were 7 people attending my thimble workshop and 9 attending popcorn (there were about 12 computers in each room). After thinking through it, it was a mistake to tell people to create a persona account during the workshop. As they were not on their own computer, did not have access to their mail... Next time, I'll setup a specific account for the event shared by all attendants. No need to have a personal email access and all makes can be easily found afterwards.

Like every year, a nice event. Spring is definitely nicer than fall, no surprise.

I made a lot of contacts within the local free software communities and we will soon organize a FirefoxOS App days event in Lyon.

Saturday, April 5 2014

I stand with mozilla

During the storm that has been shaking mozilla these last weeks, a lot of voices could be heard. From all sides. The last days have been just horrible.

I asked myself "Where do I stand?". I finally found the answer:

I stand with mozilla

Mozilla is bigger than any of us! Bigger than me, Brendan, or every single mozillian. As a single person, we are weak. Together, we are mozilla.

As for me, I choose to look ahead, see what I can do for mozilla and go on.

Tuesday, September 17 2013

Womoz project leader

As of now, I'm officially the new womoz project leader. It's actually been a few weeks since I took the role, but I did not take time to write an official annoucement. It's now done.

I already said that, but I repeat: Thank you Delphine for everything that you've done for womoz!

We are getting ready for the mozilla summit. WoMoz will be present in Brussels, Toronto and Santa Clara, come and meet us there!

Monday, July 15 2013

NightScience Hackathon in Paris (July 13th & 14th)

During the mozfr meetup in june in Paris, Axel talked to Ibrahima, Ganesh and me about NightScience a hackathon organized in Paris by the CRI 3 weeks later. He explained us that it would be really great if mozilla reps could be there to talk about webmaker. Of course, we agreed! Ganesh could not come, he would be back in Mauritius at the time, but Ibrahima and I could be there. I talked with Melek (who also was at the meetup) about the late notice for requesting a rep budget and she told me it should be okay as the budget would not be too high. In fact, there was only my train tickets from Lyon and the university would pay for Ibrahima's expenses as he would give a talk on friday. I could not come on friday because of a shortage in my days off. But I joined in on saturday morning, I had to leave Lyon way too early for my taste, but at least the weather was nice!

So I arrived at the venue around 10am. Almost 60 persons were already there and people were talking about what they expected, wanted to do / present and began to split into small groups. Ibrahima and I went to the computer room and installed our computers, launched Firefox on the computers and opened the pad I created with useful links and a few explanations. I decided to organize a small contest to bring people to our workshop (I had webmaker swag, so I could give prizes). We presented webmaker to people individually, explaining popcorn and thimble. Everyone was really impressed by the quality of the tools. For example, Stéphanie explained me what she wanted to do and asked me whether popcorn could do it. And it could! She was really happy to see it would be so easy, nothing to install, no matter if she was using windows or linux. She's a teacher and she already plans to show webmaker to her colleagues and her pupils.

In the meantime, teachers were trying to localize and set up an osqa server (an open source alternative to stack exchange), called pitika. I'm really impressed by all the work they did during this week-end: hackathon is not an empty word. I joined their group to discuss about localization, user support and trolls. Mostly raising questions that they would face sooner or later, rather than bringing answers, but it helped them anyway.

I left rather early (around 7pm) to join friends I had not seen for more than 2 years (because I'm always too busy when I'm in Paris). Restaurant and a movie at their place... Well in fact 1,5 movie, because the first one was so bad we stopped in the middle. The second one was not so bad and we watched it entirely, mostly because my friend threatened to put a Van Damme movie if we did not stop complaining! So, in fact, I did not go to sleep before 1am. And sunday morning came too soon.

Back to the hackathon, still demoing webmaker and doing a few remixes on my own when no one asked me for help. Someone asked my help on CSS for a wordpress blog (on the wordpress platform, so a limited access to the code). My best advice was to use the dev tools shipped with firefox to live-edit the CSS and see the changes immediately. Then, when everything was okay, copy and paste the whole CSS in the CSS editor in Wordpress. It seems that the dev tools in Chrome miss this editor (or we did not find it): so a fair advantage for Firefox!

In the afternoon, I took a break to go into the electronics room and make a trippy RGB waves with Mitch Altman. I had not soldered anything since I was in middle school, but there was a tutorial on the company's site and memories came back quickly. So I followed the step-by-step instructions, carefully soldered everything and it worked immediately (no mistake, no bug). I was very proud of myself. I bought two of these kits, the second one for Sébastien.

Around 5pm, we gathered in the main room to share what we did during the week-end. I showed some makes that were done during the hackathon:


Later, I had more 1 to 1 presentations. And it was time for me to leave and go back to Lyon! I'm writing that report in the train... 10 minutes left...

I was really impressed by the audience in the hackathon, many people from different cultures (french, american, german, vietnamese...), so the main language was english, which is rare for an event in France! I was happy to be able to do something other than my own workshop, I will try to do this every time I go to this type of event... The food was really good and nice (I had some leftover for my dinner in the train).

Every time I go back to Paris, it reminds me how lucky I am to live in Lyon. Subway and RER in Paris are overcrowded (even in July), parisians are grumpy (because of the subway, I imagine). I was glad to come back home :) .

To summarize: NightScience was great. Everyone was impressed by webmaker. However the major issue for them and their pupils is that all webmaker tools and tutorials are in english!. Really, all french speaking people (even if they understand english) asked When will it be available in french?. I had no answer for this and it's really too bad. You, webmaker gurus have to make webmaker localizable and then it will spread really really faster!

Wednesday, June 26 2013

Meetup mozfr : samedi

Kinou nous a hébergé, Bobo et moi pour le week-end. Grand merci à elle ! J'avais mis le réveil à sonner pour être pile à 9h au bureau. Mais comme on l'a laissé sonner pendant une demie heure environ, on est arrivés au bureau vers 9h30 (c'était super bien calculé...). Le temps de prendre un petit déjeuner rapide et Claire nous presse pour se réunir dans la salle des fêtes pour le lancement du meetup. On fait un petit tour des personnes dans la salle et chacun se présente en quelques mots. Claire veille au grain et personne n'y échappe ou n'est oublié. Et puis viennent les premières conférences, Goofy lance les hostilités avec la localisation aidé d'Ibrahima. Suivent FirefoxOS, Firebug et les jeux en HTML / Javascript. J'écoute toutes les conférences tout en préparant mes slides pour ma conf womoz qui est la dernière de la matinée (rappelez-vous, je n'avais pas pu les faire vendredi). Et puis comme dit Kazé, "les slides, c'est comme le poisson, si c'est pas frais du jour, c'est moins bon !". Pendant que la conf sur les jeux avancent, je commence à sentir le trac s'installer sournoisement, rigolez-pas, j'y peux rien. Mon portable étant toujours prêt à tout pour mettre mes nerfs à rude épreuve a décidé de planter quand j'ai branché la prise VGA puis ensuite de projeter l'écran présentateur sur l'écran public. Merci à Flaburgan qui a remis tout ça d'équerre et j'ai pu faire ma conf qui s'est bien passée. Pause déjeuner, pizzas, bières ou autres boissons et pillage en règle du comptoir.

14h30 reprise des conférences. Ce coup-ci, je suis beaucoup plus tranquille, ma conf est passée, je n'ai plus qu'à profiter. WebRTC, bugs Ahoy et MDN... Seb me demande quelle est la prochaine conf, je regarde le programme : Webmaker. Ouuuuups, c'est vrai que j'étais prévue pour la faire en même temps que Ganesh et Ibrahima. Ce coup-ci, c'est sans filet, j'ai rien préparé, mais c'est pas grave j'improviserai et ça ne se verra pas. Ganesh est heureusement quelqu'un de sérieux et il a préparé des slides et des démos. Tiens elle est chouette sa vidéo popcorn avec les photos d'hier. Eh mais c'est moi à l'écran en train de parler ! Rhôôô l'affreux, il m'a filmée pendant que je faisais le guide touristique. Rosana et Barzogh nous présentent Sumo et Benoît nous fait une rétrospective sur geckozone. En tant qu'administratrice des forums, je le rejoins sur scène pour la partie questions. Armony clôt cette journée par une conférence sur l'accessibilité.

18h30 Claire nous avait promis une surprise et c'est un bus qui est venu nous chercher pour nous faire visiter Paris pendant environ 1h30. Les parisiens restent au bureau pour préparer le dîner pendant que les autres font du tourisme. Claire s'installe à côté du chauffeur et prend le micro pour faire le commentaire de la visite. À peine passé l'Opéra, je descends la voir pour lui dire "Au fait, quand on traversera le Louvre, tu pourras dire que...". En fait, elle m'a tendu le micro et j'ai fait le commentaire de la visite (faut pas me le dire 2 fois). J'étais aidée de Nicolas Pierron (nbp) qui tenait le plan avec l'itinéraire, m'annonçait les points d'intérêt à venir et rajoutait ses explications et anecdotes aux miennes. Sur les Champs-Élysées, nous avons eu une discussion fort animée à propos des statues de de Gaulle et Clémenceau. Après un chouette parcours et une pause photos à la tour Eiffel, retour aux bureau pour le dîner : salades et crudités au rez de chaussée à côté du garage à vélo.

Agrandir le plan

Bon c'est pas le tout, mais il faudrait se coucher pas trop tard, parce que dimanche, ça commence aussi à 9h... Pas trop tard, ça donne 1h du matin environ.

Meetup mozfr : le vendredi

J'avais lu en diagonale le mail de Claire annonçant le meetup francophone et m'étais persuadée que celui-ci commençait vendredi à 9h du matin. J'avais donc pris mes billets de train pour arriver à Paris à 9h30. Quand soudainement, le mercredi précédent, j'ai réalisé qu'en fait, ça commençait à 19h. Bon eh bien, j'avais gagné une journée de tourisme à Paris ! N'empêche que pour arriver à Paris à 9h30, il fallait prendre le train à 7h34 à Lyon et ça fait tôt, très tôt. Vu que je m'étais couchée à 1h30 du matin (pour finir mon billet de blog sur l'adacamp), j'ai peu dormi. Levée à la bourre, partie à l'arrache et attrapé le train au vol. Cool, j'avais 2 heures devant moi pour préparer les slides de ma présentation de samedi sur womoz. Enfin ça, c'était la théorie... La pratique, c'était que je n'avais pas rechargé la batterie de l'ordinateur et qu'il ne lui restait même pas de quoi s'allumer. Bon ben dodo alors !

Arrivée vers 10h au bureau, je prends un petit déj' et je propose aux mozilliens qui seraient arrivés plus tôt (pour des contraintes d'horaires d'avion, pas parce qu'ils sont tête en l'air, eux...) de leur servir de guide touristique. J'ai étudié pendant 5 ans à Paris et je connais plutôt bien le quartier latin et l'histoire de Paris. Nous voilà donc partis à 6 : Ganesh et Pamela (de Maurice), Camara et Niang (du Sénégal) et Bobo et Moi (de Lyon). Comme visiter Paris en métro, c'est pas super (et plus j'évite le métro parisien, mieux je me porte), on est donc partis à pied du bureau de mozilla... Direction l'Opéra Garnier (à 2 pas du bureau), pause photos. On remonte l'avenue de l'Opéra pour atteindre le Louvre, la cour du Carousel, la vue magnifique jusqu'à la grande arche de la Défense. Bien entendu, sur une journée, il n'est pas possible de visiter les musées... On a donc continué notre balade par la pyramide et la cour carrée avant de traverser le Pont des Arts, en face de l'institut de France, descendre sur les berges et remonter sur le Pont-Neuf pour poursuivre jusqu'à Saint-Michel et se poser dans un restau place Saint des André des Arts pour le déjeuner. Et c'est reparti vers la Sainte Chapelle, que j'avais très envie de montrer à nos touristes, parce qu'elle est magnifique et moins connue par Notre-Dame. Quand on a vu la file d'attente, on s'est regardé et personne n'avait envie de faire la queue pendant 2 heures. Tant pis pour la Sainte Chapelle et direction Notre-Dame. Cette année, ce sont les 850 ans du début de la construction de la cathédrale, il y a donc une exposition sur le parvis ainsi que des tribunes dressées à l'occasion de la fête de la musique. La file d'attente pour entrer dans l'église est longue, mais ça avance vite et en 10 minutes nous sommes entrés. On a pris un peu de temps pour admirer l'édifice. On abandonne vite l'idée de monter dans la tour, il y a trop de monde ! Ah la la, Paris et ses touristes...

Agrandir le plan

Et finalement retour au bureau de mozilla en métro (Je n'arrive pas toujours à éviter) vers 19h pour le lancement du premier meetup mozfr. Au programme, dîner avec des spécialités apportées par tous les contributeurs francophones. De France, venaient beaucoup de charcuterie, vins et fromages. Les tunisiens nous avaient ramené 7 kilos de pâtisseries ! Du chocolat et du sirop de Liège de Belgique, des beignets mauriciens... J'en passe et des meilleurs (sans doute que c'était trop bon et que ça a été fini avant que je n'aie le temps d'y goûter). Évidemment, c'était aussi l'occasion de se revoir, de se rencontrer pour la première fois, de partager des souvenirs et d'en créer des nouveaux. Baby-foot et jeux vidéos pour ceux qui avaient envie. Couvre-feu à minuit et chacun regagne son hébergement afin de dormir quelques heures pour arriver en forme à 9h samedi matin (Ce sera finalement raté et les derniers arriveront à 10h bien sonnées).

Sunday, June 23 2013

My very first patch for mozilla

During the mozfr meetup in Paris, I contributed my very first patch to mozilla. There was a bug in the CSS code written on the bike garage door:

#Garage à vélos {
color: orange;
background-color: blue;
opacity: 0.5;

After review of the code, it appeared that this code could not be parsed correctly because of the spaces in the id. We discussed the best way to fix this bug. We could have replaced the spaces with a hyphen, so it would parse. But then, we had to paint the bike garage and we could find no blue and orange paint at the moment... So I proposed a quick and dirty fix: comment these lines and they could be uncommented and fixed with hyphens when we find the paint. I wrote my patch using sticking tape, it was reviewed, committed and accepted!


I am very proud of myself!

Thursday, June 20 2013

Adacamp in San Francisco

The second adacamp was held on June 8th and 9th in San Francisco. Thanks to the mozilla reps program, I had the opportunity to attend this awesome event and thanks to Delphine and Nico, Bobo and I had a roof over our heads.

So about Adacamp... I was really excited about going to Adacamp, but in the same time worried of what I would do among all these amazing women. On Saturday morning I put a name on this feeling, it is called The imposter syndrome: this was the first session and it was clearly vital as many women in IT suffer from this syndrome (I'm sure that men suffer also from this).

Friday evening: Adacamp day 0, Reception at google office in San Francisco

We were greeted by volunteers in the office, received our name tags and got to choose the associated lanyard that would state our photo policy. The dinner was really good and for every taste (meat, vegan, gluten-free, wine, beer, non alcoholic drinks...). A welcome speech was given by Valerie Aurora and someone from google (sorry, I can't remember the name). Everyone got a bag with a bunch of swag on her chair (the drinking bottle is on my desk right now, I gave the bangles to my kids (one for each) and the notebook will replace the one I just finished at my work). Then, it was announced that 2 lucky persons would find a paper under their chair stating You are a winner and would get a bigger bag of swag. Ioana shouted I'm a winner! and immediately after Am I as red as I think I am?. Oh yes, Ioana, you were! The plushie Android found in the bag was almost immediately hugged by Daisy (Emma's daughter) who would not let it go (she got one for herself later). Later, we dispatched in small groups, discussing, meeting people that we only ever talked to by email. Seeing kids laughing while riding Liz's electric scooter through the reception room was really funny. We gathered on the terrace where we could see Bay bridge, which lit up as it was slowly getting darker and darker. It was the perfect time for a few photos. Then we left the reception and call our driver to take us (Delphine and me) home. Yeah, I confess that we took advantage of my boyfriend for driving us to and from the Adacamp (he visited San Francisco with friends during the week-end). So back to Palo Alto to get a good night sleep.

Saturday: Adacamp day 1

Delphine had to go to the mozilla office in Mountainview to take the vertical banner to put near the stage. We arranged to meet there another adacamper and carpool to San Francisco. After the breakfast and the welcome speech by Valerie and Mary to explain the adacamp organization, Leigh Honeywell gave the first talk: the imposter syndrome. She described really well what I felt (and what other people also felt, I'm sure) and it made me more self-confident. I'm now ready to go out of the closet and claim to the world that I'm a woman in tech. In fact, I already began... My coworkers (I work in a clinical trials CRO) learnt a few months ago that I've been contributing to mozilla for almost 10 years and I'm very proud of this. All those weird shirts I wear almost everyday, I did not steal them from my boyfriend: they're mine, I earnt them, I am not an imposter. Thanks for that, Leigh! This week end, I'll give a talk about womoz during the mozfr meetup, a good part of it will be dedicated to this syndrome. During Adacamp, I always spoke english except on a few occasions with Delphine, because she's also french. And suddenly, a woman told us Eh, mais vous êtes françaises ?. We then talked (in french, of course) and found out that she studied for one year in Lyon and I live very near from the school she attended (About 300 meters). It just took us 10 000 km to meet!

Right after the lunch, I gave my lightning talk about localization and its importance in building communities. Very hard to summarize everything in 90 seconds and I'm sure I forgot a lot of things, but the important things, I said! There were also a poem and a song among the other lightning talks.

On the evening, mozilla sponsored a dinner and the subject was Womoz, of course. It was in a bolivian restaurant. We left just before the music began. That would have been nice, but it was easier to talk without music.

Sunday: Adacamp day 2

After the group discussions in the morning and the lunch, there was a make-a-thon. One could sew a lightning brooch, or make a robot or play with rabbit ears that moved according to your brainwaves. As for me, I presented webmaker tools to anyone interested. It was hard to compete against these awesome workshops, but I managed to get some people and they were very interested in Webmaker. In the meantime, Ioana, Delphine, Marcela and Emma presented FirefoxOS.

But everything has to come to an end and Adacamp closed its doors on sunday evening. I had volunteered for a few tasks like moving the furniture and removing the blue tape. But as it happened during the whole camp, everyone helped, so it was done in no time!

On sunday evening, we had a dinner with a few mozillians in an indian restaurant, everything was so spicy, almost everyone was breathing fire (except for the indian guy, of course!!!). At the end of the dinner, I promised Selena that if an Adacamp was planned in Europe, I would gladly help. This promise stands, you can count me in!

I've learnt so many things in such a few time, it's hard to list them all! But here are a few:

  • I am not an imposter, I have every right to be here!
  • Fake it, till you make it!: definitely, yes!
  • Burn the fucking manual: well, sometimes it seems a good idea
  • We are amazing!

Thank you all for this great event!

Tuesday, June 4 2013

Lightning talk at Adacamp

Only a few days left before Adacamp... My planes takes off tomorrow at 06:40 am (and yes, I'm complaining, even though I chose it). Luggage is almost done... By almost, I mean that I almost know what I will put in my suitcase. Administrative paperwork is ok (at least). I did a bit of tourism in my home town to bring a few small gifts from Lyon :-) .

I also proposed a lightning talk about localization (L10n) and its importance in building communities. I'll have to cover that subject in 90 seconds, that will be very hard. And for those who know how much I talk, I can hear you laughing...

San Francisco, here I come! And Ioana, Marcela and Emma will be joining Delphine and me very soon!

Saturday, June 1 2013

RIP Camino

Well, it was not a surprise since the last version was released in 2012, a switch to webkit was announced but not done. Camino is no longer developed. Bobo and I did the french localization for a long time (since 2005). The localization project was first led by Ludovic then by Marcello. I switched to Firefox a long time ago, because I missed all the extensions (Camino had a few, but it was not as extensible as Firefox)

As always on mozilla projects, I met great people. One day on the mailing-list for camino l10n, Markus asked if some people would help him to translate an animated movie he had just done. The original version was in swedish, but of course, we were given the video with english subtitles. After that, I understand better the constraints of movies subtitles, especially from english to french: french words and sentences are longer than the english ones, so I had to choose shorter words that were not the best, but fitted in what little space I had. There was also the question of the T-V distinction that gave me a lot to think. I eventually sent my subtitles, modified them, according to the review, grumbled... And The weapon was finally released in may 2009. You can download it on their website.

Wednesday, May 22 2013

AdaCamp in San Francisco

I am really happy that the rep council approved my participation to the AdaCamp in San Francisco. I will be there with Ioana, Delphine, Emma, Marcela and I hope to meet many other people there. We'll be there on behalf of womoz and mozilla we expect to meet people from other open source communities, share ideas on how to increase gender diversity in mozilla. What to do? How to do it? What to watch out for...

We'll also try to set up an informal meeting, because face to face meetings are really useful. And of course meet as many women and men interested in womoz as possible. See what they expect from us.

So I'll be in California from june 5th to june 11th... My first trip to the US, I hope it won't be my last

Friday, May 17 2013

Got my Keon

I just received my FirefoxOS developer preview Keon
through the mozilla reps program. I share custody of the Keon with Sébastien. We didn't decided yet what rules will apply: every other day or every other week... Or the smartest one takes the phone to work before the other one notices anything (might work a few times). We chose a small mobile plan at Virgin mobile: 3.99€/month for 60 minutes+SMS+100MB data... That would be quite sufficient to perform tests. And I also happen to test a mobile access point (4G where it exists, 3G everywhere else) to which up to 5 devices can connect through wifi. So we can spare data.

Sunday, May 12 2013

Teach the web: week 1

After having attended the webmaker training days in Athens at the beginning of march (blogpost to come later...), I was enrolled in the #teachtheweb MOOC.

This takes place in the G+ webmaker community, feel free to join if you want to learn more about making the web.

Our homewwork for this first week was to present ourselves using one of the webmaker tools. As I already used Popcorn maker for a previous project, I chose Thimble and the profile template that was proposed.

Here is my webmaker profile... During the process, I earnt a few badges that I proudly wear on my mozilla backpack. So now en route for week 2!

Tuesday, May 7 2013

Blog resuscitation

Dear reader, Yes, the one in the back row who forgot to remove the RSS feed for this blog from your reader...

This blog was long dead (more than 3 years since the last blog entry). Many things happened in these years and I did not make time to share them on the blog. I did not feel like it, I did not want a blog about "Hey, look I'm a mother, see all those pictures of my kids..." (that's so not me). So I just stopped writing. Still, I am a happy mother but that's not what this blog is about.

So why resuscitate this blog?

  • Some people asked me to
  • Since 2012, I became more and more involved in mozilla (I am now a rep, invovled in womoz and a webmaker supermentor)
  • I would like to write about events I participate in, but I don't like the social networks for this matter (history, permalinks are not that good)

To reflect these changes, the blog is now named "Sailing with mozilla" (formerly was "Au delà des étoiles" = "Beyond the stars"). I also changed the theme of the blog to include my avatar (that I use on all social media and mozilla portal).

And as you may suspect, many blogposts will now be in english. Please, don't yell at me! I know that french is my primary language, but within mozilla english is more widespread.

I still have to syndicate my blog on the different planets of the mozilla world. But later, just take one day at a time...

Tuesday, November 10 2009

Websites I find useful

I got tagged (well, hum, last week...), so I submit myself to this new meme

Rules :

  1. Copy the rules in the beginning or at the end of your post
  2. Link to the person who tagged you
  3. Give the 5 websites you find useful, or that you use the most. Try to explain why !
  4. Tag 5 people
  5. The meme doesn't need to stay in english :-)

My Five favorite/most useful websites are :

  • Geckozone: The biggest french speaking resource on Gecko-based softwares. I'm also one of the administrators of the forum.
  • Wikipedia: in english, in french, whatever. I visit it at least once day, at home or at work. At work, I often search the INN of drugs. It's faster and more user friendly than the Vidal website. And it can be used as a powerful translator by just clicking on the link to another language.
  • Flickr: as a photograph, I find it very useful to share photos. My photos are released under License CC-BY-NC-SA. Some photos are private only for family and friends.
  • Amazon: That's where I buy most of our books except comic books. For comic books, we go to the best comic-book shop in Lyon: Expérience. For all other books, I order them on amazon. It's easier for english books, I probably would have to order them in a shop otherwise. And of course, I also buy some DVDs.
  • Chef Simon: A great cooking site, all recipes are very detailed and illustrated by photos. Bertrand Simon is a chef and teacher in a professional high school. I'm sure that's why his website is so didactic. I like to go through the recipes, just to read or find ideas.

Who am I going to tag?

  • Kazé: He owes me a revenge for the last meme...
  • Delphine: Solidarity among women ;)
  • Paul: Just to see if he would be able to find a non-technical website useful
  • Pascal: Stop Twitting and go back to your blog !
  • Tristan: May he find some time to relay this meme

Tuesday, April 28 2009

Personas : qu'est-ce que Firefox va porter, aujourd'hui ?

Il y a fort longtemps, j'avais écrit un billet sur la toute première version de personas. L'extension a bien évolué en quasiment 2 ans. On la trouve maintenant sur et des centaines de personas sont disponibles, pour habiller votre navigateur au gré de votre humeur. En effet, il ne faut pas se contenter des plus populaires accessibles directement depuis le menu de l'extension, il faut cliquer sur Afficher la galerie... et se promener dans les différentes catégories, flâner, essayer... Pour essayer, c'est facile : il suffit de passer la souris sur le persona, d'attendre le chargement de l'image et voilà à quoi ressemblera votre fenêtre drapée dans ce persona. Il vous plaît ? Alors cliquez et voilà Firefox habillé.

Mes personas, certains plus réussis que les autres. Les commentaires sont les bienvenus

Sunday, January 18 2009

7 things you may not know about me

I was trapped by Kazé, be sure I'll get a revenge!

The rules:

  • Link to your original tagger(s) and list these rules in your post.
  • Share seven facts about yourself in the post.
  • Tag seven people at the end of your post by leaving their names and the links to their blogs.
  • Let them know they’ve been tagged.

Seven Things:

  1. I was the one responsible for involving Kazé in Nvu then in Open-Source. It was almost 4 years ago on Geckozone forum, he had proposed a patch for Nvu which was not accepted and I told him on Geckozone to do an extension instead. We know what came after, these extensions, then KompoZer... And of course, a friend who drinks beers and read comics (Not at the same time...) when he comes to visit us.
  2. I was a girl-scout for 8 years. I liked camping, building a fire, cooking on a fire, singing around a fire, the starry nights, the sunny days, the calm. I also liked building our facilities out of wood (tables, firetables). Back then I was sometimes nicknamed MacGyver, because of my legendary swiss knife (which is still there after 21 years) and my abilities to fix up things.
  3. When I was 18, I went for the first time to the Glénan Island for 1 week during a course of Les Glénans. I fell in love with the Archipel and the Glénans way of life: almost no electricity (only for emergency cases), no running water (rainwater was collected for washing), no TV, no radio, no phone, no noise, only calm... I came back there as a volunteer during the 3 next summers, I helped for the management of cooking (bordées) or repairing boats. The landscape and seascape are stunning, the nights are beautiful. I spent 1 to 4 weeks there, I never brought music or book and I never got bored.
  4. When I was in high school, I followed a scientific cursus but I studied german for 7 years and latin and english for 5 years. At the end of high school, I was fluent in german, read easily latin but my english was terrible (although my grammar was very good, due to practice of latin). Fifteen years later, I'm now fluent in english, I don't manage to speak german because english comes first and I still can read latin.
  5. I have a passion for heraldry and medieval history from the crusades to the Renaissance, especially the Hunderd Years' War period in Europe. Whenever I visit a town, I try to visit also the church because, if it's old enough, it will provide many information on the local history. Unfortunately, these informations are not well displayed like in a museum and most of the time you will find them in latin writings, but it's part of the fun ;) .
  6. I did my PhD in Lausanne, Switzerland in the division of Hypertension and Vascular Medicine in the Nestlé Hospital.
  7. Due to my breton origins, I eat only salted butter. If there is only unsalted butter (like in restaurants outside Brittany), I try to add salt or I don't eat it. When I was young thought that the unsalted butter was only for people who should reduce their salt intake (because of hypertension for example).

(Almost) Seven people that may be mad at me because of that:

I know there are not 7 people, but the trouble in being at the bottom of the list is that almost everyone got tagged...

Wednesday, October 8 2008

Journées du libre à Lyon

Pour la 10ème année l'ALDIL organise à Lyon les JDLL (Journées du logiciel libre)... 10 ans, comme Mozilla ! Ça se fête en tout cas.

Il y aura 2 conférences autour de Mozilla : Les 10 ans de Mozilla par Tristan Nitot et l'avenir de Mozilla par Paul Rouget. Ainsi qu'un stand commun Mozilla Europe / Frenchmozilla / Xul-fr / Geckozone, soit en tout une dizaine de personnes pour animer le stand. N'hésitez pas à venir discuter, poser des questions, soumettre des problèmes, il y aura quelqu'un pour vous aider. Ne soyez pas timide, que vous soyez simple utilisateur ou contributeur, venez nous rencontrer. Il n'y a rien de plus frustrant pour nous que de lire quelques jours plus tard sur internet J'y étais, je vous ai vus, mais je n'ai pas osé venir vos parler.. Je vous jure solennellement qu'on n'a jamais mordu personne !

Il y aura des geeks, de l'ambiance, de l'animation, des gadgets, des peluches, des badges pour les petits et les grands.

Et bien évidemment d'autres conférences et stands autour du libre.

Bref nous vous attendons les vendredi 17 et samedi 18 octobre 2008 à Lyon (voir le site des JDLL pour tous les renseignements pratiques).

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